Content Marketing: A Gem for your business

Traditionally, marketing was limited to print (newspapers and magazines) and broadcast ads (TV and radio). As technology evolved, digital marketing gained more popularity. However, the core of any successful marketing is quality content. 

           Can you do successful digital marketing without quality content?

           How can you use content marketing to scale up your business?

Content marketing is the core of digital marketing which centers on creating, curating, and distributing quality, relevant, consistent, and engaging content to attract targeted customers and retain them. 

What is Content Marketing?

Discussions on content marketing are linked to digital marketing, Hence, let’s first define digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is a modern form of marketing that is done on websites, social media, search engines, and mobile apps through the Internet. If we look deeper all forms of digital marketing rely on great content.

Content marketing is a strategy that uses information-rich articles, graphics, or videos to drive sales and brand development. Let’s look at some of the digital marketing tools and their reliance on quality content:

  • Social media marketing: social media strategy should follow a content marketing strategy
  • SEO: Search engines like Google rank pages with quality, consistent and reliable content.
  • PR: PR strategies should be linked to issues readers care about

PPC: Quality content is required behind every PPC to succeed

Why Content Marketing?

As mentioned above, content marketing can be a foundation for all forms of digital marketing. Website marketing needs high-quality blogs/articles to be ranked higher. But content marketing has far more advantages than this.

Content marketing enables you to reach your viewers/readers amidst the noise. Viewers are bombarded by thousands of ads which makes standing out difficult. However, content marketing creates value for readers hence able to attract attention and draw more engagement.

Content marketing can be employed by small businesses or large enterprises as it can be scaled. A business can set a goal to reach a specific market or build its brand and then use content marketing to achieve that despite its size or current reputation.

According to Content Marketing Institute, there are four main reasons – and benefits – for companies to use content marketing:

  • Increased sales
  • Cost savings
  • More loyal customers
  • Content as a profit center

Things to Consider before using Content Marketing

Before jumping into content marketing there are a couple of things to consider. The first is that content marketing is a long-term strategy. Content marketing will take some time to attract enough viewers and convert those viewers into customers. The short-term ROI is relatively modest however; it will have a high ROI in the long term.

Second, content marketing requires professionals well-acquainted with that specific topic. Content marketing relies on research and documentation quality, if done poorly it will ineffective and not reach the targeted market.

Scale your business using Content Marketing

Scaling a business is linked to growing your customer base, revenue, and profit without a substantial increase in costs. Content marketing enables your business to attract customers by providing value and when done consistently it creates anticipation.

The content at first should focus solely on creating value then move to linking the content to your brand and service. The additional traffic on your website will help your page rank higher and more searchable. 

Customers will share your content with close friends and family which becomes free marketing for your business. This will become the basis for Advocacy Marketing which has a much higher success rate and ROI than other forms of marketing. 

In fact, 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content on their site. 

Content marketing guides buyers through the customer journey stages of awareness, consideration, decision, and advocacy. Content marketing first draws in customers, then creates engagement, followed by differentiation of brand and finally loyalty to the brand. 

At the final stage, the customers become advocates which enables you to scale your business and build your brand. The business should create ways to enable customers to easily share the content and provide feedback. 

Our dynamic QR codes enable customers to access content, share content, and provide feedback with just a scan. Furthermore, our platform will track the number of scans and event activities and provides a detailed analysis.

Local Perspective

Many companies in Ethiopia employ digital marketing to attract customers and build their brands. Mostly they use Social media marketing, Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and recently Affiliate marketing. However, most advertisements lack content and are unable to create long-term effects or build a brand.

There’s a huge opportunity for content creators and marketers to use content marketing to build brands. Content that is relevant, engaging, and value-adding can transform small businesses into established brands not only helping the business but the country as a whole.

Content Marketing Done Right

Content marketing can help businesses expand, but necessary care should be given to make it successful. The following are some of the main steps to consider:

  • Identify the target market
  • Perform detailed research 
  • Choose a main topic and subsidiary topics
  • The topics should form a cluster and provide answers to all related questions
  • Provide internal and external links on every blog
  • Publish a minimum of 3 blogs/articles per week
  • Update your blogs regularly 

Here at S.E.E.D, we provide content marketing as part of the Integrated marketing package.

Our service includes:

  • Develop consistent content for stakeholders to share
  • Make content accessible and relevant to the advocates
  • Enable stakeholders to share messages using our Dynamic QR codes
  • Measure the effectiveness of advocacy programs using our tracking program
  • Ensure the content and design of the message follows the company’s brand and values
  • Drive employee-generated content
  • Build quizzes and competitions to gamify the advocacy program and motivate advocates

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