QR Code Marketing: All you need to know

The pandemic has breathed new life into QR codes businesses and marketers are using them in exciting ways. By 2025, it’s predicted that around 100 million people in the U.S. will scan QR codes.

What are QR codes?

QR code is a better and more functional version of barcodes. It has two-dimensional black and white pixel patterns arranged specifically to store data. A QR code can store a large amount of information and allow quick scans when compared with a barcode. Primarily there are two types of QR codes namely Static QR codes and Dynamic QR codes.

Static vs. Dynamic QR Code

Static QR Code

QR Codes are classified as static and dynamic based on their functionality. Static QR codes as the name implies will store information that can’t be edited once the code is generated. They can store data like contact information, employee IDs, event information, or even technical product data. They can store text, links, images, videos, and similar data. Other than being static they don’t enable tracking metrics which limit their use in marketing.

Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR Codes allow you to update, edit and change the type of the QR Code, which makes them the best fit for business and marketing purposes. Dynamic QR codes are smaller and compact which enables them to fit into your print material and packaging design.

Additionally, you can edit the content linked to a dynamic QR code even after they are printed. This will allow businesses to use a single dynamic code to show multiple messages based on time of day, location, and other factors. And if there’s any error it can be edited without the need to reprint. 

The best feature of dynamic QR codes is that every time a client scans the codes you can capture the data. Consequently, a marketer can measure the number of clients that scan the QR codes, their location, and if they accessed the webpage or downloaded the app. This information will help marketers optimize campaigns and enhance the ROI. 

How to best use QR codes for Marketing

Many companies have used QR codes in creative ways to market their brands and products. These are some of the ways you can utilize QR codes to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Share your contact information

Paper-based business cards have many limitations that can be overcome by using digital business cards. Paper-based business cards can only be shared face-to-face, contain limited information, are costly to make, and require reprinting every time information is changed. 

Using digital business cards that contain dynamic QR codes you can share your contact information to multiple customers anytime and anywhere. You can easily edit the information without reprinting or changing the QR code. Reach more customers and be more accessible to your customers. 

Direct customer to your landing page

As part of website marketing, landing pages are made with the single purpose of converting leads and contain a Call-To-Action. Customers can scan a QR code and be directed to your landing page where they can give their information or purchase a product. You can also easily measure the number of customers or gain feedback.

Enhance advocacy marketing

Advocacy marketing is utilizing your stakeholders as your brand ambassadors. But you need a way to allow them to easily share your message, QR codes are a great solution for this. It can be on business cards, or gift cards when scanned enabling your customers to share your products.

Success Story

One successful marketing campaign that uses QR codes is done by the well-established brand, JC Penney. Penney released ”Santa Tags” which lets customers record personalized messages which would be played when the recipient scanned the QR code. This is fun and interactive while adding value to customers.

Things to Consider

The many benefits of QR codes in marketing have been mentioned above, however, there are certain things to consider to ensure effectiveness.


  1. Cost

Commonly, you can make free static QR codes using the many available QR code generators. However, you have to pay if you want a dynamic QR code. The prices are affordable and payable every month or yearly. 

  1. Customization

You can create unique and brand-centric QR codes by customizing the colors used, shape, and inserting the logo. Still, the customization should not be too much to the point that phones are unable to read the QR code.

To do that, you need to remember the following rules. First, avoid inverting the colors on the QR code (use a black background with a white QR code). Don’t use blurry or pixelated codes to ensure readability before anything.

  1. Shorten a link

Using long links will make the QR code darker and more complex to read for most phones. Hence, it’s advisable to shorten the link using a free site like Hypherhost.

  1. Provide quiet space

Quiet space is the white space around the QR code. It is mostly recommended to provide a quarter of an inch of white space on each side of the QR code. This will enhance readability.


Final Thoughts

QR codes enable marketers to reach larger audiences quickly and affordably. QR code marketing can be done year-round and require limited human resource or time. If done properly, it can help businesses grow customer advocacy and enhance brand awareness. Best of all, QR code marketing can be measured and successive improvements can be implemented.

Our Services

We are the First and Only Company that provides Dynamic QR Code in Ethiopia. Using our In-house Custom QR Code Generator Application we develop dynamic QR codes that have the following functionality built into them.

  1. Dynamic Content: – The QR codes can link to a new product ad and other time may direct to landing page.
  2. Multiple links in one: – Have one QR code for multiple social media links or web pages
  3. Track Scan Activity: – Track the number of people who scanned the QR code and know where and when they have scanned. This will enable us to easily monitor and measure the impact of the marketing campaign.
  4. Event Tracking: – We can track the number of events (Number of times a customer visited the page) and understand customer behavior
  5. Capture Contact Information of the target audience for lead generation.
  6. Password Protected:- QR codes with passwords for special purposes like shareholder cards
  7. Customizable: – Customize the color or shape of the QR code and include Company Logo
  8. Call To Action: – Include words to prompt customers to scan the QR code.
  9. Bulk Operation: – Generate dynamic QR codes in large numbers like Employee IDs.

Our dynamic QR codes can be used on various marketing materials and products as part of our integrated marketing. This will enable your company to advertise your products and services easily and to a larger audience. Some of these products that we design include: –

  • Employee IDs
  • Digital Business Cards
  • Corporate Gift Cards
  • Merchandise Items
  • Special Marketing Campaigns
  • Coupon Promotions

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