Website Marketing: Keys to A Successful Website Marketing

Website marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy is a great way to attract targeted customers. It can be a representation of your digital brand image and can reflect your values.

Currently, businesses need to have well-designed and developed websites that clearly show their value and brand. Website marketing enables businesses to grow organically and build their brand image.

What's Website Marketing?

Website marketing focuses on developing a website that drives organic traffic and promotes the firm’s brands and products. The idea is to attract people by creating value and once they arrive on the page promote the brand or product. The more the traffic on your site the higher the opportunity to sell your products or services.

Website is a front that lets customers see your brand, products, and services at their convenience. The website design and content will help them experience your brand and what you stand for. It’s a place for you to attract customers, make sales, or just build your firm’s image.

Why Website Marketing?

Investing in website marketing is a must for any firm that wants to grow its business. Website marketing will help you scale your business, enhance reachability, and advertise your products at affordable prices. Some of the main benefits are presented below.

  1. 24/7 Accessibility

Having a website will allow your customers to reach you outside of your business hours and from anywhere. In this globalization era, this is a crucial factor to stand out and secure new customers.

Customers living in places with different time zones and geographical locations can reach you from anywhere and at anytime through your website.

  1. Build Digital Brand

Website marketing enables you to build your brand digitally despite the current status of the firm. By consistently communicating your message and values you can gradually build your brand. Through website marketing, even small firms can acquire new customers and build brand loyalty with their existing customers.

  1. Small Advertising Budget

Currently, you can build your website for a small cost and start advertising. Compared to other marketing approaches there is a significant cost saving using this alternative. Additionally, you can build on your website marketing as your business expands.

  1. Information Exchange

One of the many benefits of a website is to provide valuable information to your customers. The information may include contact details, product catalog, location and opening hours, and FAQs.

Potential customers can browse through your website, get acquainted with your business, and can easily contact you if they’re interested. Additionally, your existing customers can provide feedback that’s valuable to improve your products or services.

  1. Gain Insights

By using analytic tools you can visualize who your customer is, what they searched for, what they bought, and how much time they spend on each page. The data can be summarized and analyzed to provide useful insights.

These insights can be used to improve user experience, improve your brand image, and maximize purchases on your site.

  1. Advertising

Last but not least, on this list is advertising. A website is the best place to advertise your products and services with eye-catching images, videos, and content. You can have multiple pages to promote new products, future products, or products in development.

Keys to A Successful Website Marketing

Many website marketers focus on optimizing websites for SEO, mobile optimization, or social media integration. All these are important but there are more important issues that are left untold. Successful website marketing needs more than those things mentioned above, below I will present the key points.

I. Create Value

The only way to consistently attract organic customers is by creating value. You can create value for your viewers through quality content, enhanced functionality, and partnership. Content will be discussed in detail next so let’s focus on the other two.

Enhanced functionality is a way to provide additional features on your website that adds value to your customers. For instance, a bank website can include loan calculators and a restaurant website can include free recipes. These features will help your customers and maintain regular traffic.

Partnerships are ways where you could show your customers how they can partner with you for a common cause. This can be a specific cause in the community or shared value which helps your brand image and your interaction with customers.

II. Quality Content

As mentioned earlier, quality content is one of the ways to create value for customers. It’s the most assured method to drive organic customers to your site. Developing content to attract new customers and keep them engaged is commonly called content marketing.

To create quality content you need to:

    • Perform keyword search fit for your target audience
    • Choose a cluster of topics related to a specific subject
    • Provide a thorough discussion on each topic
    • Show why you’re an authority on those topics
    • Check grammar (use Grammarly) and plagiarism for each article
    • Post your content regularly

III. Brand-centric Appearance

The website design and content should be based on your brand image, value, and beliefs. This will help create distinction and brand awareness. The choice of colors, patterns, shapes, and images used should be carefully done. Consulting brand experts is a good alternative to get the most out of your website marketing.

IV. Advocacy Platform

You can use your website as an advocacy platform to enable your customers to advocate your brand to their families and friends. Advocacy marketing is utilizing your stakeholders to promote your brand through their own network of associates.

Your website should provide useful information for your advocates and helpful hints to provide them with the tools to spread your message. QR code marketing will provide your advocates with easy ways to share your brand and products with just a single scan.

V. Measure and Analyze

Consistently measure your website traffic and perform a thorough analysis. This will enable you to understand your customers and tailor your site to their needs to enhance sales and revenue.

If you want to dive deeper you can learn about Data-driven marketing and use it to grow your business quickly.

Final Thoughts

Don’t do website marketing as a standalone marketing campaign. Fragmented marketing campaigns provide small returns and miscommunication. Website marketing should be done in an integrated manner with other marketing approaches like advocacy marketing, content marketing, and data-driven marketing.

Here at S.E.E.D, we provide website marketing as part of the Integrated marketing package.

Our service includes:

  • Website redesign to match your brand image
  • Ensure the content and design of the message follows the company’s brand and values
  • Make content accessible and relevant to your advocates
  • Enable stakeholders to share messages using our Dynamic QR codes
  • Measure your website traffic using our tracking program
  • Build quizzes and competitions to gamify your customer experience

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