Mobile Marketing: Ethiopian Perspective

Trends change regularly, hence marketers are always looking for new approaches to attract customers and broaden their customer base. The ever-increasing use of mobile phones with their innate ability to provide mobility and accessibility made them the best marketing platforms.

Mobile marketing includes a broad range of interactions with users through a mobile phone [1],

Based on Datareportal findings, there are a total of 66.8 million cellular mobile connections in Ethiopia in early 2023. This corresponds to around 53.5% of the total population. This is a true reflection of the huge potential for mobile marketing in Ethiopia.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is defined as activities that focus on advertising a company’s brand, products, and services via mobile devices. It’s the use of technology to deliver personalized ads to customers in a real-time.

Most people carry their phones everywhere they go, which gives marketers the ability to connect with their audience and provide a tailored message. Mobile marketing can be personalized based on users’ activities, location, or sometimes demography.

Furthermore, mobile marketing enables marketers to send interactive content suited to the users’ devices.

Types of Mobile Marketing

The main goal of mobile marketing is to help you connect with the audience through their mobile devices creating awareness about your brand. Some of the common mobile marketing include:

In-App Marketing

In-app marketing is marketing through mobile apps downloaded by users. You can use popular apps or advertise on your app. You can use overlays and inbox messaging to get your message to the app users. The ads should be short, targeted, and interactive. It helps you to build brand awareness and increase your customer base.

In Ethiopia, mobile app development is growing steadily; hence companies are jumping on this opportunity to advertise their products and service. Many firms especially, financial institutions have developed mobile apps which is a great way to advertise their brand.

Mobile Website Marketing

Currently, websites are designed using the mobile-first approach. This will enable marketers to craft quality content to attract organic customers and also advertise their brand. Locally, website marketing is still in its infancy stages hence the competition is low but the demand is there.

To capitalize on these firms need to build fully responsive websites and then build content to engage with their audience.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the most commonly used marketing campaign. It works by sending ads via text message that will pop up on the screen like alerts or offers to potential customers’ phones. The only problem is dozens of texts are received daily and the possibility of ignoring them is high.

Consequently, the message should be relevant, value-adding, and sense of urgency. Additionally, the message should contain a form of CTA easy enough to do. 

Social Media Marketing

Ethiopia has over 6.4 million social media users in 2023 which makes up around 5.1 percent of the population. This number is increasing year after year and the number of social media influencers has also been increasing exponentially.

Social media platforms like Facebook, telegram, Pinterest, and Instagram are the most popular way to send personalized ads and create connections with consumers.

Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing enables marketers to tailor a marketing campaign based on the customers’ locations. A study shows that, 89% of marketers reported higher sales after incorporating location-based marketing in their campaigns.

QR Code Marketing

QR code marketing uses dynamic QR codes to create a link between a firm’s website, app, or landing page with customers. Customers can scan the QR code with their smartphones and easily navigate to the firm’s website. QR code marketing enables customers to easily access your brand and interact dynamically.

Mobile Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing relies mostly on printed media like newspapers, billboards, banners, and on television and radio. They have the largest reach but they don’t enable targeted marketing. Mobile marketing enables marketers to reach the target audience and enable two-way communication.

Marketers can reach their customers from anywhere and at any time with a tailored message and even receive customers’ feedback. Some of the main advantages of mobile marketing are presented below. 

Advantages of mobile marketing include:

  • Accessible – reach your audience easily, quickly, and at any time
  • Multiple Channels – provides multiple platforms to reach your audience through the website, social media, apps, and text. 
  • Personalization – Advertise to customers based on their usage history, preferences, and location 
  • Measurable – You can easily measure the effectiveness of mobile marketing, unlike traditional marketing. 
  • Cost-effective – No infrastructure or complex technology is required. You can adapt existing technology and platforms minimizing cost. 

Keys to A Successful Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has a huge potential considering the number of smartphone users and the availability of platforms. However, some key aspects need to be considered to run a successful mobile marketing campaign. Below I will present the key points.

I. Create Value

The only way to consistently attract organic customers is by creating value. Value can be provided to your customers through quality content, engaging experience, and enhanced functionality.

You can provide new features on your app and use it as a gateway for your ads. Create interactive instruction video that provides value and brand awareness.

Quality content is the most assured method to drive organic customers to your site. Developing content to attract new customers and keep them engaged is commonly called content marketing. Check out our article on Content marketing.

II. Advocacy Platform

Advocacy marketing is utilizing your stakeholders to promote your brand through their network of friends and family. You can use mobile marketing to enable your advocates to share your message in the comfort of their homes or office.

You can provide useful information for your advocates and helpful hints to provide them with the tools to spread your message. QR code marketing will provide your advocates with easy ways to share your brand and products with just a single scan.

III. Measure and Analyze

Marketing campaigns have to be measured and analyzed to improve and increase ROI. Furthermore, the insight will help you understand your customers and provide personalized ads.

If you want to dive deeper you can learn about Data-driven marketing and use it to grow your business quickly.

Here at S.E.E.D, we provide mobile marketing as part of the Integrated marketing package.

Our service includes:

  • Mobile website redesign to match your brand image and ensure responsiveness 
  • Ensure the content and design of the message follows the company’s brand and values
  • Make content accessible and relevant to your advocates
  • Enable stakeholders to share messages using our Dynamic QR codes
  • Measure your marketing campaign and provide useful insights 
  • Build quizzes and competitions to gamify your customers’ experience 


[1] Miao LV, Chun JIN, Yoshiyuki Higuchi, Jim C. HAN. 2013. Ontology-based User Preferences Bayesian Model for Personalized Recommendation. Journal of Computational Information Systems

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