Integrated Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing strategies aimed at attracting and retaining customers are vital for the growth of any business, especially small businesses. Developing and implementing these marketing strategies require expertise, time, and a significant budget.

Many small company owners couldn’t afford to hire consultants nor have the time to develop effective marketing strategies. Consequently, they face difficulties in attracting new customers or promoting their brand. 

Is there an affordable marketing strategy suitable for small businesses?

The answer to the above question is a resounding yes, however before delving into the answer let’s discuss the unique challenges small business face with marketing. 

Challenges of Marketing Small Businesses

As mentioned earlier, small businesses face several unique challenges when it comes to marketing. Some of the main challenges are presented below. 

Smaller Budget

Considering the small budget small businesses have spending significant money on paid advertising may not be an option. Mostly, they choose the least expensive and most effective way to reach their local market. But identifying the specific marketing channel and developing a strategy is not easy.

Adapting to New Trends and Technologies

Most small businesses don’t have a dedicated marketing team that can navigate and identify new trends and technologies. Hence, many of them are left behind by the times and can’t utilize the technologies available to them. 

Competition from Established Brands

Established brands have a reputation that backs their ads and get more attention from consumers. However, smaller businesses have to do extra to gain attention and even more to retain customers. Even Google ranking is based on authority, expertise, and trustworthiness. All these require time and a significant budget to build.

A Marketing Solution for Small Businesses

By now, it’s clear that it’s a daunting task for small businesses to conduct successful marketing campaigns. However, there’s a way to lead a successful marketing campaign with a small budget and without hiring a marketing consultant.

Integrated marketing is the perfect solution for small businesses to market their products and brand using multiple channels without worrying about the excessive cost. Integrated Marketing is a marketing approach to bring every marketing effort on every channel together to achieve a significant impact.

5 Key Methods to Utilize Integrated Marketing

There are five methods to integrate marketing effectively and efficiently for small businesses. These methods are a sure way to attract customers and build brand awareness. These methods are presented below. 

  1. Develop Content

Content is vital to tell customers about your product and brand. The quality of the content will determine its effectiveness. The best part is you write about the things you do and are well-acquainted with. No special skills are required and it’s the best way to attract organic customers. For more read our article on CONTENT MARKETING.

  1. Value Creation

Create a unique value for your customers to set you apart from the competition. The value could be simple things like thank you cards or small discounts. You can also create value by providing quality content, making your product accessible on your website, and providing personalization by using customer data. The main thing is to highlight the value additions in your marketing campaigns.

  1. Advocacy Marketing

Advocacy marketing focuses on converting passive customers to active and deliberate advocates. But advocacy is not limited to customers but includes employees, shareholders, or even media.

You should focus on empowering your stakeholders and providing them with messages, they can promote. For more read our article ADVOCACY MARKETING: THE MOST OVERLOOKED, YET THE MOST EFFECTIVE MARKETING APPROACH.

  1. Website Marketing

Having an online presence is a must-to-do for small businesses. You can set up your website on WordPress and host it for a small fee. You can use your website to promote your product, showcase your service, provide content and so much more. For more read our article WEBSITE MARKETING: KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL WEBSITE MARKETING

  1. Know Your Audience

Small businesses must take time to know their customers. You can use your business website and social media pages to gather data on your customers. Website feedback forms, social media polls, and feedback on your content are great ways to understand your customers’ needs.

Further information can be collected through QR codes, customer service management software, and offline customer data. For more read our article on Data-driven Marketing.

Final Thought

Each of the above methods is part of a single marketing approach namely integrated marketing. You can use data from your website and social media pages to understand your audience which helps you develop content and value. The value you create motivates your stakeholder to advocate your product. The content you write should be linked to the value you create and need to be the center of your website marketing or advocacy program.

Here at S.E.E.D, we provide data-driven marketing as part of the Integrated marketing package.

Our service includes:

  • Collecting customer information through dynamic QR codes
  • Tracking QR code scans and events (like viewing blogs or videos)
  • Collected data from website analytics and social media polls
  • Analyze these data to provide insights into customer purchase behavior
  • Develop integrated marketing plans and procedures
  • Develop content optimized for social media and landing pages
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Provide improvement strategies and solutions

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